Why Apple is pushing iOS 8, the first major OS update since 2011

  • August 16, 2021

Apple has quietly released iOS 8 to developers, enabling them to develop for the operating system as the company pushes for the next big step in its software evolution.

The company has already begun rolling out updates to Apple Watch and iPad models, and the company is now pushing its latest operating system to developers through the Apple Developer Center.

iOS 8 is the first operating system update since Apple introduced the iPhone 4 in 2007, and it is the culmination of months of work on the platform.

As Apple releases OS updates, it also releases a series of apps to developers to enable developers to build apps for the OS.

For instance, the developer of the iOS 8 software update, The Xcode app, has already announced an iOS 8 SDK.

Apple has also quietly launched a new App Store app, called “iPhone 8 Developer”, and a new Developer Portal app.

A spokesperson for Apple said the company was not releasing any information about the iOS8 updates, but that it was “working with partners to build a more robust app ecosystem and deliver a better user experience”.

This is a big deal for Apple.

Last year, Apple introduced a number of new features, including the new Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

It also introduced Siri and a number other new features in iOS 8.

While some of the new features are still being tested and refined, Apple’s developers are being encouraged to add more of these features to their apps and services.

There are currently around 30,000 apps and over 30 million users, according to the App Store.

Developers will have access to more features in the next version of iOS 8 that will bring a whole host of new functionality to the operating systems software, like Siri integration, new camera features, new voice assistants, and much more.

More apps are expected to be released as the software is updated.

“Developers and the Apple community have been incredibly active over the past year in testing and refining new features and experiences,” a spokesperson for the developer said.

“We expect many of these new features to be rolled out to the general public in the near future, and we look forward to seeing how they all work together for the iOS ecosystem.”

If you’re a developer, you can check out the iOS update to see if your app is compatible with iOS 8 and try to get it added to the app store.

If your app doesn’t work with iOS8, you’ll need to re-evaluate your app’s functionality.

You’ll also need to make sure that it can be used on any iOS 8 devices.


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