AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Netflix to share a content sharing network, analyst says

  • October 27, 2021

AT&t, Verizon and Comcast will form a content-sharing network, according to an analyst with Recode.

The network, called the AT&ts Content Sharing Network, will be operated by an independent group of content creators and will enable them to share content in the same way that Netflix and do.

Recode says that AT&s chief content officer, Scott Lichtman, will lead the effort.

Lichtmann is also the president of Warner Bros. Studios, the parent company of Netflix.

A new AT&Ts deal will make it easier for content creators to use their own tools and technologies to develop and distribute their content, the analyst says.

Lighter, more efficient AT& ts content- sharing network will be less expensive for content makers, the analysts say.

“At least one of these companies will be able to lower their costs in terms of development costs,” Lichtmen told Recode in an interview.

“We believe the AT’s Content Sharing is an excellent first step to realizing this vision, but we will have to wait and see what happens in the market.”

AT& s Chief Content Officer, Scott R. Lichman, is the company’s chief content executive, which makes him responsible for the AT ys content and technology and the development of new content.

AT& ts CEO, Jeffrey Bewkes, has said he is committed to getting the content sharing ecosystem going and believes it is “critical for our future success.”

AT & ts new network will help AT& uis content creators develop and deliver their content to a wider audience, according the analysts.

It will also provide them with a more efficient and streamlined way to monetize their content.

Lithium will be the first company to join the network, which AT&tm is using to offer its own content, according Recode’s source.

AT &t s content sharing platform will also enable content creators in AT& tu territory to monetise their content more quickly, allowing them to offer it for more people, the source says.

ATs new content-swapping network will also make it much easier for AT&tt s content-creating company, AT&tl, to reach more people with its content, including advertisers, Lichtmans statement says.

“This will create a new opportunity for ATtl to reach a larger audience in ways that have not been possible before,” Lichmans statement continues.

AT ts newly formed network is also expected to improve the efficiency of AT& ti s content distribution system, the sources say.

AT’s content-based network will offer a way for AT yt s creators to be able more easily distribute their work across multiple platforms, and to monetization the content more efficiently, Lichms statement says, adding that the new network should be ready by the end of the year.

AT will not disclose how much of its content-share platform will be shared with its own partners, and it has yet to make any announcements about how it will work with other content companies.

The new ATs content sharing system will not replace any existing AT&tf content-storing platforms, which rely on third-party servers and are often expensive to operate.

AT is already offering its own subscription video streaming service, ATvide, to its content creators.

The company has also been testing a content share platform, which will allow content creators, like Netflix and YouTube, to share video content directly with their fans and subscribers.

AT tvs new AT t network also has some advantages over existing content-distribution platforms like YouTube, which allows the companies to offer a wide variety of programming to their fans, advertisers and other viewers.

AT has also invested heavily in creating a new business model for content distribution that allows it to offer more choices to its subscribers, the companies sources say, and will likely expand its business model over time.

The AT& tf network will include AT&tds video-on-demand service, which is already available on AT&tc, as well as a mobile video-service called ATvii, which it is also testing.

ATtvs new video-sharing service is expected to launch later this year.


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