How to deal with red circus operators

  • August 29, 2021

By now you’ve probably heard of the red circus.

Red circus operators have a reputation for having a bad attitude, and the company has been called the most feared in the city.

This has resulted in many people being turned away, and it’s become a source of anxiety for the city and its residents.

To combat this, the city has adopted some of the most common rules for dealing with red carnies.

You’re welcome to come into the city with an empty bag.

No one is allowed to bring you anything.

Red carnies will be waiting for you.

You can’t talk to them.

And you can’t call them.

But they are here to entertain.

Here’s what you need to know about them and the rules they follow.


You Can’t Talk to Them Red carnys are supposed to be “friendly.”

They’ll come to your door, and they’ll ask you for a cigarette, a glass of water, or some candy.

If you want to talk to one, you need the permission of the operator.

If they don’t want you to, they will.

The rules are simple: If you ask for anything, you’re not allowed to give it.

Red cicadas are allowed to eat you.

The city also has rules about using their hands and feet, and how long you can hold hands with them.

The more you use your hands, the longer you’re allowed to stay in the carnies presence.

But if you’re caught doing anything else, the operator will call the police.

The cops will escort you to a nearby police station.

You will be charged with a felony if you do not surrender by the time you get there.


The Police Do Not Call The Police In the last several years, some residents have reported having their belongings stolen from them by the operator, who then proceeded to walk off with the items.

You have the right to speak with a police officer if you are concerned that the operator is a danger to yourself or others.

If the operator has been reported to the police, the police will issue a trespass warning and will be on their way.


They Can’t Touch You While on the Move Red carnists are permitted to touch you, but they are not allowed inside of your home or anywhere near your children or pets.

The operators will not be allowed to touch your pets.

If a pet is nearby, the owner can call 911.

If that happens, the person in charge will notify you.

If it’s an emergency, they’ll call the fire department.

The operator will have to go inside the house and get the pet.

But the person is not allowed outside the house or in the park, and will need to go to a licensed veterinarian or humane society.


You Need the Police’s Permission to Walk on the Streets If you are walking on the streets, you are required to have a license.

You are also required to wear a mask.

You must wear a wristband to record your activity.

You may also wear a hat, and you may be required to carry a permit to carry that hat or a police badge.

You cannot cross the street without a permit.

If anyone in the street asks you to stop, you must stop.

If someone in the car or a person in the back of a police car approaches you, you have to stop.

You do not have to move when they approach you.

They will not stop if you stop.


The City’s Police Department Has No Powers When they arrive at your house, you will need the operator’s permission to enter and leave.

The owner of the house has the right of entry, and if there is a problem, the operators will tell you why they need to enter the house.

The police will have a special dog to respond to your calls.


You May Need a Permit to Drive In The operator has the authority to enter your house at any time and drive you home, but only if you have a permit and a permit is on you.


You Must Wear a Helmet and Mask If you have your own dog, you can wear a helmet while on the street and the operator may ask you to put it on.

If not, the dog will not get to talk, and its handler will get a ticket for being rude.


If You’re Not Able to Get to the Police Station You can call the city police for assistance.

You need to get a permit for driving in the state.

If your dog is on your property and your operator asks you, the handler will ask for a permit as well.

If no permit is available, you may contact the city’s public safety hotline at 707-787-2925.


You Are Not Required to Get a Permits Permits are required by law for anyone in New York City to drive, ride a bicycle, or ride on a sidewalk or park bench.

They are also mandatory for anyone operating a vehicle on public streets, in parks,

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